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Buying property begins with collecting information

Internet is the best and the fastest but not the only source of information. On the Internet you can quickly find most information to start with, for example you can virtually visit all places and see the houses on offer. But besides the Internet you will have to ask more in-depth-information through your estate agent, and as soon as things get going you also ask more information from your solicitor. All this information is very important to decide whether or not to buy.

Where to buy? Spain is huge, so before you are going to plan a trip, have a look on a map to see where the places you want to visit are, and plan in plenty of travel time. Take for example our website, Cuevas Spain Real Estate, we specialize in the area around the village Huéscar, so if you want to know about this area, ask us for information and look on the internet. The area is called - Altiplano de Granada - AIRPORTS -

We are specialized in Cave Houses, which are very common in this area, but very special for the rest of Europe. Cave Houses are great homes and very well suited for the Spanish climate, cool in summer and warm in winter. Definitely worth a visit. But of course, we also sell traditional village houses, apartments, farms and farmhouses.

Watch your budget; All good websites are categorized by sales price, which makes it easier finding property within your budget. To negotiate a price is of course possible, but do not expect miracles, check what you can spend and the costs for buyers that come with it. Some properties are furnished this can save money. Look also at the amenities - connecting to electricity, water and sewage can be costly. If all already is connected it saves you money. PS. Bargains too good to be true do not exist, and unpriced properties are most times a trap.

Plan your inspection trip well in advance, and do not visit too much at once, because here too: Less is More. Limit yourself to a maximum of 7 to 10 houses on an inspection trip. This is still manageable and comparable to each other. Gather information beforehand about the properties you wish to visit.

In General

Take note, you may need:
[] Valid passport
[] Valid Drivers License
[] Mobile phone
[] Camera
[] Book a flight
[] Hire a car
[] Rent a gps
[] Book a stay
Request for relevant information
Before you travel you can find out a lot about a house on the websites you visit and the rest can be requested by email at the various estate agents. A good estate agent has all the information. Make yourself a checklist with the characteristics of the homes, for an initial comparison. See examples below:

The characteristics of the property

[] Website page with fotos
[] Number of bedrooms
[] Number of bathrooms
[] is Drinking Water connected
[] is Electricity connected
[] is Sewage connected
[] is Internet connected
[] Built - ...m2
[] Surface - ...m2
[] is a notarial Title Deed available
[] Does the property have a Land Registry Number
[] What is the name of the Village
[] What is the asking Price
Intention to buy? Remember this

[] Choose a reliable estate agency.
[] Get help by a solicitor ** Our experience is that local solicitors are preferable, they know the area and the properties. Though we can work with every solicitor who is in charge of the completion we most times work with one of these 2 solicitors, both present in the region.
Rianne Smulders - (speaks English, Dutch, German, Spanish).
Victorio Heras - (speaks English, Spanish).
** In Spain a solicitor is very important to check out a property. Do not buy without the help of a solicitor. Your solicitor is also important after the sale: If there is something wrong you can fall back on an independent solicitor, which is usually better than to rely on a vendor.

The solicitor can check for you

[] Whether there are any charges or claims on the property
[] Whether there are any outstanding debts. eg. water, electricity or phone
[] If it is not rented out privately
[] If there is no seizure
[] Whether it is built legally
[] Whether you are buying from the registered owner in the land register
[] Whether you buy the freehold
[] Whether you buy in an association of owners with service costs
[] Whether the seller owns the property and has the required papers to sell
[] The Cadastral value of the property
[] The Tax value of the property**

** Tax value
If the purchase price of a property is less than the tax value (not to be confused with the cadastral value), the transfer tax is not levied on the purchase price, but on the value for tax purposes. Many homes are being sold far below the price, and buyers will be later confronted with an additional transfer tax of which they knew nothing, and therefore had not taken into account. Your solicitor can calculate for you what the total transfer tax to be paid will be.

What paperwork should the solicitor collect

[] The Previous Title Deed (Escritura Publica)
[] A copy of the real estate tax (IBI)
[] Certificate of registration in the land register (Nota Simple)
[] Cadastral Registration (Referencia Catastral)
[] The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
[] Latest bills water and electricity
[] Passport buyers
[] NIE/DNI buyers and sellers
The cost for the buyer

If you buy a property there are costs to the buyer on top of the asking price. These costs are to pay taxes over the purchase and to pay for registration in the landregister. The buyer also pays for the fees of the solicitor and the notary.

[] A local solicitor will cost about € 1600
[] The notary will cost about € 500
[] Land register registration this costs about € 500
[] Changing contracts water and electricity € 200
[] 7% transfer tax on the highest value (Or tax value or the purchase price)
[] NIE (tax) number it costs about € 10 per person
[] Sometimes, only when necessary, re-surveying the land for new land registration and this costs about € 450
[] The buyer does not pay the agency commission unless stated otherwise.
How to apply for a NIE number

A NIE number is a personal number, it's your Spanish tax number as well as your number of identification along with your passport. The NIE is provided by the Policia Nacional (in our area in the village BAZA). Your NIE number remains always the same. Among others, the notary wants to see a valid NIE number if the deed is to be made. To apply for a NIE number you will need:
[] fill in the application form
[] a copy of your passport for the application form
[] fill in the tax payment form for the bank
[] receipt of tax payment from the bank

We will help you to apply for your NIE number and fill in the forms and go with you to get it done. If you buy your property with us and if you pick up your NIE number yourself after 5 days, it is free, if we have to pick it up we charge 50 euro, if you just want a NIE number and do not buy a property with us we charge 150 euros.

When purchasing:

[] 10% deposit within 7 days
[] Completion at the notary within a maximum of three months
Save money on your international transfers

You won´t regret to get a free quote without obligations at or another money broker. They claim to always have a better exchange rates than the banks. Even if you do not buy it helps you understand to get more money from your GBP to Euros. Click this link for more info.
Opening a B&B or renting out via AIRbnb

Lots of people worldwide make some extra money with renting out a room or a whole property to holidaymakers. In Andalucia are a number of rules and regulations and obligations. And we strongly reccomend the assistance of a solicitor if you are investigating a property for this purpose. Where indicated on this website that a property is suitable for use as a B&B, this does not mean that it is already in possession of a valid licence to operate as such. We can put you in touch with a solicitor, who can help you with the necessary paperwork.

If you want to know more about prices people ask for renting in this area? Visit the AIRbnb website, and some other rental websites and you will quickly find the places and prices for your marketresearch.

Many thousands have preceded you and also you can successfully buy a property in Spain. There is plenty for sale in all price ranges. Do a good research and you will succeed. Prepare your trip and your purchase and you will enjoy your own place under the Spanish sun.
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