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Conditions of sale of Cuevas-Spain Real Estate, hereinafter referred to as The Real Estate Agency. These terms and conditions apply to the entire contents of the Cuevas Spain Website and to any correspondence by e-mail between real estate agency and you. Using the Cuevas Spain website indicates that you accept these terms and conditions in full. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, please do not use the real estate agency.

We dedicate ourselves on the sale and promotion of real estate in the area ALTIPLANO DE GRANADA. Mostly focused at the villages and aereas around the village Huescar.

We work closely with independent third parties, specialists in various disciplines of documentation, legal issues, counseling NIE numbers, insurance, construction, renovation, earthworks, engineering measures, architecture, fountains drilling, energy efficiency certificates, solar and wind energy, insulation and heating, plumbing, electrician, forging, carpentry, construction of swimming pools, landscaping, decoration and furniture, advertising and so on. A client can make use of our knowledge and contacts of third parties, but any agreement is BETWEEN clients and third parties and are the sole responsibility among the third parties and the client. While the real estate agency endeavours to ensure that the information on the Cuevas Spain website is correct, the real estate agency relies on information provided by third parties. The real estate agency can not be held responsible for the activities and expenditures of third parties.

We have an intensive marketing and keep a high level of service to our customers, and our estate agency work is completed, and we are paid by the seller, after we have a sales agreement by phone, by email, fax, letter, or other ways of communication and a private sales contract is signed by the buyer and the seller. We can receive the deposit on behalf of the seller. The completion of the sale is done by the buyers lawyer. We do not need exclusivity in a sale, meaning a seller is free to sell to or with any other client or agency, except sell to clients who came through our Real Estate Agency. With a sale to a client submitted by our Real Estate agency, the full commission is due to us and we can legally make the claim of the commission from the sale and all juridicial and extrajuridicial costs that might result from such claims are for the seller.

Method of payment of the deposit, sales price and the commission, will be done by bank.

We comply market prices in our advertising, and can also lower the selling price without notice to the seller when a lower price is published elsewhere. The seller is responsible for the accuracy of the listed information and has to give us notice of all changes in time.

Our Fee is 3,5% of the sales price with a minimum of 3.500 Euros, plus VAT. The commission is included in the advertised sales price.

We conform us to the DIA (Short Briefing Paper, DECREE 218/2005) approved by the Ministry of governance of the Junta de Andalucía on consumer information in the sale and rental of housing. You have access to a copy of the relevant information sheet for a property at our office in Huescar.

The Real Estate Agency is making efforts to ensure that all the properties in our portfolio fulfill the rules of energy performance certificate. An EPC will be provided before a Notary by the vendors of the property. Any seller who refuses to provide this document will be removed from our portfolio. The Real Estate Agency is not responsible for fines if seller does not comply with this regulation.
A seller is responsible for all fines, if they decide not to take an EPC.
The real estate agency is not responsible for any fines to the seller for not complying with this regulation. You also agree to pay the fines imposed on Cuevas-Spain for breach of the law relating to EPC regarding your property if you decide not to take an EPC and advertise it anyway via Cuevas Spain Real Estate. A seller signes for this responsibility on the intake sheet.

The advertised price does not include expenses or taxes. The advertised price is the salesprice including the agencies fee.

Additional costs for the buyer are:
Costs for a solicitor, Transfer Tax (ITP), Actos jurídicos Documentados (AJD) for costs of registration in the register of property and the notary commission. Sometimes costs for measuring the plot or the house for changing the description in the new deeds and new registry.

Additional costs for the seller are:
For tax Increase in Value of Urban Land (former Plusvalia), and the expenses for the Energy Efficiency Certificate. Sometimes for measuring the plot or the house for changing the description if the deeds or catastral reference are not accurate. And if there is no deed, sometimes also for the first deed.

About this agreement govern the Spanish laws. Any changes to these terms will be published on this page on internet without previous notice. The seller agrees automatically to these terms of sale when we publish your property on our websites.

These terms and conditions are issued by Cuevas-Spain Autónomo Y4824006T. Office Cuevas Spain Real Estate Calle Morote 23, 18830, Huescar GR España.
By providing your personal information through this website you agree to the collection, storage and use of your personal information by the real estate agency in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

If we change this policy, we will post changes on this page so that you are always aware of them. By continuing to use this website after such changes have been posted you will be deemed to have accepted and consented to them, whether you revisit this page or not.

Protection of personal data - You can request, inspect, rectify or delete at any time a copy of the data we have in use from you. Personally, or by email or in writing to Cuevas-Spain Calle Morote 23, 18830 Huescar GR Spain. We store this information in a database. We use the data only for the purchase or sale of the property. We do not use this information for other purposes. We do not have a newsletter or direct mail. Personal data is not shared or transmitted to third parties. Personal data can be used: to create contracts, for the application of NIE, for the application of a bank account, to send information about properties to the name and email address that potential clients have provided to us, we do not send personal data of property owners.

We will retain your personal information for the duration of our business relationship and afterwards for as long as is necessary and relevant for our legitimate business purposes. Where we no longer need your personal information, we will dispose of it in a secure manner (without further notice to you).
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