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The energy performance certificate (EPC)

The EPC is a report that describes the efficiency of a house in terms of energy consumption and also gives recommendations on how to save money and make your home more efficient. The certificate is valid for 10 years, unless you renovate or change the property.

CUEVAS SPAIN REAL ESTATE is making all effort to ensure that all properties on our portfolio comply with this regulations. Any vendor that refuses to supply this document will be removed from our portfolio.

It is obligatory for all sellers and lessors who are advertising their property for sale or rent. If you do not hold an energy performance certificate then you will be fined. It is obligatory since the 1st of June, 2013. You will also not be able to sell your property without it. You will be asked to provide the EPC at the notary.

EPC´s are issued by qualified professional technicians or arquitects who are authorised to undertake building projects and thermal installations for buildings. The technician has to visit the property to take measurements and collect information about the property before drawing up and certifying the report. If you want we can recomment an architect, or you can find one yourself.

In and around Huescar it costs 130 euro by the architects we recommend. You are free to organize your own EPC.

When do I need an EPC?
You will need an EPC before advertising for sale or rent. Fines can be applied if your property does not hold an EPC when being advertised for sale or rent.

You are responsible for all fines!! Not us!! Please read this carefully!!
Cuevas Spain Real Estate is not responsible for any fines to the seller for not complying with this regulation. At the intake we will tell you are obliged to have an EPC made and we give you the oportunity to get it with the help of a technical architect via us if you are not able to organize it by yourself. So it is your own choice if you do not do it. And you agree to pay the fines imposed on Cuevas-Spain for breach of the law relating to EPC regarding your property if you decide not to take an EPC and advertise it at anyway via Cuevas Spain Real Estate. See our sales conditions.

Exceptions for the EPC
  • Buildings and monuments officially protected as part of a designated environment or because of their special architectural or historic value.
  • Buildings or parts of buildings used exclusively as places of worship and for religious activities.
  • Temporary buildings with a planned time of use exceeding two years.
  • Industrial buildings, defense and agricultural or parts thereof, in the part for workshops, industrial processes, defense and non-residential agricultural.
  • Buildings or parts of buildings insulated with a total useful floor area of less than 50 m2.
  • Building purchased for major renovations or demolition.
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